Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Saturday in the Dark with George

Last Saturday night with George Romero commenting over “Night of the Living Dead” was awesome. I fully intended to write something up about it, but got lazy and got scooped.

There’s not much I would have said that Alonzo didn’t hit, but I will say that I was surprised Romero downplayed the politics that have been read into the movie (A movie made in the midst of the Vietnam War featuring children eating their parents lends itself to all sorts of political readings), but he mostly dismissed that as something Cashiers du Cinema took off with and he sort of went along with.
Most of his talk was more on the cooperation between the team that made the movie, and the rigors of the filmmaking, as well as frequent plugs for his new zombie movie which he promises to be more in the spirit of “Living Dead” than the “Land of the Dead,” which won’t really be that hard.

Oh yeah, and he hates fast-moving zombies.

I was also able to use the movie as a way to unveil this year’s Amateur Film Contest. We’re going with a zombie theme this year. As with the other years, all you have to do is make a short movie with a zombie theme, submit it and possibly win valuable prizes.
Expect to be hassled about this from now until May.

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