Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Death and Taxes

Every year at work we get about every tax form under the sun. So far this year we've only gotten a bunch of 10-40EZs. They're all up on a wire rack in the front of the library. A few days ago an older couple was looking for some specific form and couldn't find them. When they realized all we had was the 10-40EZs, the man walked off muttering, "What has that Obama done?"

That was almost as good as the time the Tea Party was meeting at the library before walking over to City Hall to protest the indignity of paying taxes. One of the older guys noticed the DVDs and asked, "How much are these?"

"They're free with a card," I said.



As a dedicated public servant I fought the urge to say, "Yeah, they're free. Just pay your damn taxes and shut up."

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david.rohm said...

that's perfect. You should hand a sign on the front of the library "socialist institution"