Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Publish or Perish

Guess what I got for Valentine's Day? Yeah, I know it's early, but my girlfriend couldn't wait. Check it out:

She looks like she's opened the Necronomicon.

She compiled all my old Myspace blog posts into a book. It looks all important bound up like that, sort of like a thesis, or perhaps a fancy cookbook.

It's been strange reading about myself for the past couple days, other than reminding myself how fascinating I find me, it's funny to see how many stories I used to write about work. I also used to write more short pieces, but I guess now all my two sentence funny bum stories are used on Facebook statuses.

Reading between the lines, I can also sense a lot of stress, especially when dealing with being a new homeowner being overwhelmed with the huge thing I had gotten into. I'd like to say that I can feel myself growing, changing, and becoming more mature and responsible, but I haven't gotten that far, and I'm willing to bet that doesn't happen.

Wait. I know that doesn't happen.

As with all thoughtful gifts, the pressure is now on me to step up and come up with something equal. Without spoiling the surprise, a hot air balloon ride with special navigator Burt Reynolds just might be in someone's cards in a few weeks.

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The She-Creature said...

I would also accept a serenaded gondola ride from Tom Waits, kite flying with Morrissey, or just being completely covered in puppies for a couple hours.