Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Cancelled

So I was going to make an April Fool's Facebook post in the style of all those forwards you get from your creepy family members that say stuff like, "I was standing in line at Publix and the woman in front of me had a new cell phone and fancy shoes and gold teeth and was buying steak and lobster stuffed with caviar and booze with a food stamp card and I could only afford three beans because I work for a living. Then the cashier gave her $700 cash."*

Then I thought better of it. Who needs to get into a big political thing on the internet now that it's springtime and things are blooming and the weather's nice? Plus, what if I had friends contact me saying things like, "That's right! That totally happened to me, too!"**

It'd be all unsettling and weird, like when my friend Pat owned a record store and had weird 40 year old polo shirt wearing dudes from Ocala acting all squirrely asking if he had any Skrewdriver records behind the counter.

Would I have to weed out my friends? Would my friends think I had turned all teabagger and weed me out?

Then I thought how annoying April Fool's Day is after you grow up anyway. Gullible and trusting people like myself have to be on guard against the internet or NPR trying to trick us. Again, who needs the hassle. 

So instead of an April Fool's joke that probably wasn't that funny anyway and might lead to fights on the internet, here's a music video where monsters dance around.

Isn't that much better?

*And I'm not saying these things are racist, but isn't it strange how all the cultural signifiers used always point to African-American women?

**Hint. These stories did not happen to anyone. Tell your racist aunt.


Sherri Larsen said...

Once again, I find I'm trying to remind myself that you do not pay attention to the lyrics.

Sherri Larsen said...

Also, what dancing monsters? Those are just slightly transparent ladies.

scott said...

Yeah, I somehow used the studio version, not the monster version. Fixed it, so now you should see mummies and chubby nosferatu playing a sax.