Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pirates of the Homophobic

This old guy comes up to the desk today screaming something about pirates. Once Oldie finally ambles up, I deduce he’s asking about that last Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

“TV said its been out since Friday. Do ya’ll have it in?”

”I don’t think it comes out until next week.”

“No, the TV’s been running ads all last week.”

“Actually, I’ve got Amazon up right here. There, see, next Tuesday.”

”Well, why would the TV be telling me about it for a week?”

”Well, you know, they run ads beforehand to get people excited about it.”

”I guess so. Go ahead and put a hold on that one for me. Here’s my card. I loved that first movie, but me and my brother had to walk out of the second one.”

”Yeah, I remember it being kind of long.”

”Wasn’t that, it was all the gay stuff in there.”

“Yeah, I ..wait…what?”

”Oh yeah, we couldn’t stand that stuff. Remember how they were all ghosts and were trying to get that girl? Well, of course he didn’t care anything about that, being the way he was.”

Oldie wandered off by that point, leaving me to wonder just what pirate movie he was talking about.


highwaydave said...

Hey, move to Chicago... Wait... Who the Hell is this?
-David Frank

scott said...

Right before Thanksgiving it got down to the high 30s here and I thought I was going to die of frostbite. So, I'm not so sure.

Keith said...

Ahh, Pirates of the Gayrabbean.

Actually, a film about a ship full of tottally sterotypical, flaming gay pirates would be pretty good. Instead of a figurehead of a topless mermaid, they could hang a disco ball or a carving of Lorenzo Lamas. Them gays like Lorenzo Lamas, right?

Hephaestion said...

No, them gays don't like Lorenzo Lamas.

There WERE some famous lesbian pirates back in the day.