Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun at Work

Librarian: "So when are you starting your tough guy bookclub?"
Me: "Well, I w - wait, what?"
L: "You know, like you said in that last staff meeting."
M: "See, this is why we need somebody taking notes at those things. I said if it looked like we weren't on track to hit our bookclub goals by the middle of the year, I'd throw together a guy's bookclub or something."
L: "I don't know, I had a pretty vivid image of you in the middle of a bunch of guys in leather jackets and white T-shirts reading Charles Dickens."
M: "Heh, that's pretty funny. The first rule of the tough guy bookclub - you have to sit backwards in your chair."
L: "Switchblade combs must remain in the locked position."
M: "No doo-wop songs until the club is officialy over."
L: "Members can only yell out, 'Oooooh Ayyyyyy!' once during the meeting."
L: "Hey teach, why we gotta read about this Shakespeare stuff anyway?"
M: "Well, Big Eddie, lemme tell you a story. See, there's this cat who wants to take over his gang. He got the idea from these crazy witches, then his old lady keeps pushing him to off the leader."
L: "Hey, that's alright."
M: "Well, Big Eddie, I just taught you Macbeth by William Shakespeare."
L: "No way! Ay, teach, you're alright. Hey guys, let's give 'im a song. Bababab bopadopadop."
M: "You know what's really funny about all this? The fact that when we think of tough guys, instead of thinking of skinheads or wrestlers or Green Berets or something, we immediately conjur up Sha Na Na."

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