Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally, My Talents Are Noticed

I get back to work Monday after a week-long vacation in which I forgot everything I ever learned about work (Charleston, SC. I'll tell you about it later). I'm on the public desk first thing. When I go out there, I'm blinded by a light setup and a bunch of college students filming a movie. One of them is behind my desk. They got permission from someone, so I don't really care, especially since they are keeping the crazies away.

They ask me if I want to be an extra, and naturally I say, "Hell, yeah," and sign some papers. I'm on the desk on the computer working through my mound of emails from vacation while a guy carrying a skateboard gets accosted by the the actress portraying the librarian who says, "Sir, you can't bring that into the building." Then she directs him to the foreign language materials (incorrectly, by the way. I mean, third floor, duh!). This shot was done over and over again for an hour.

The movie is tentatively called "Blue Llama" and is about a washed up professional skateboarder. Netflix that shit! I'm hoping I get a Pee Wee Herman as bellhop scene out of this, my first big break.

So I am sad to say that I am soon giving up the library biz. Showbiz is calling, and who am I to deny the world such entertainment?


Linda Tate said...

I think Blue Llama is the production company... keep checking IMDB for Patrick Barry... then you'll get your very own IMDB page..
Can I have your autograph?

Keith said...

I'll start a fan page for you on facebook. It'll be you and "snarling liberty spike guy from Roller Blade."