Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Gentlemen Discuss Cinema

The film up for review, John Frankenheimer's 1979 environmental horror film, "Prophecy." A few weeks back I got on a '70s 'animals attack people/Jaws ripoffs' movie kick and was told by a friend that this one was not to be missed. The following are our undoctored emails, definitely not done on work time, taken right after a viewing:

Me:"Prophecy." Just...wow.

Indian ax vs. logger chainsaw, monster tadpoles, burny bear fetuses, Holy crap, that big melty bear just totally ripped off the roof!

Patrick: Don't forget when they're all like, whew, the melty bear drowned, and then OH JEEBUS HE'S COMIN OUT DA LAKE!!


Patrick: Why must the white man poison the earth with his greed, Scott Adams? WHYYYY?

Scott: Hey, you like your paper, don't you? Well, then you're part of the problem.

Patrick: Hm, yes, well. I suppose I am. Bring on the melty bears then I guess.

I would like to add that the melty bears came about though a paper company dumping chemicals in the river, which makes our final conversation make a bit more sense. Oh, and check out that melty bear!

Five stars for "Prophecy."

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Patrick Hughes said...

I give it six. No, wait - a million.