Saturday, March 12, 2011

Straight as Arrows

Some night back in the late '90s I was walking with my friend Pat back to his apartment after buying a bunch of beer at Gator Beverage to get the evening started. Many nights started like this - drinking beer and listening to records, then heading out to find adventure at the Hardback or at a party or whatever.

We walked behind Checkers, probably discussing the merits of the Effigies or why there was a Surf 2 when there was never a Surf 1, and why didn't someone release Surf 2 on VHS yet, anyway (I told you it was the late '90s)?

At some point during our conversation 2 or 3 big gangsta guys approached us.

"Are you straight?"

This took us by surprise.


"Are you straight? Do you like women?"



Question answered, we walked the remaining way to Pat's apartment where I drooled over his record collection and we drank our beer.

Later I wondered what that was all about. No follow-up questions? They just took our word? What would have happened if we said no? Would we have had dates for the evening? If we were gay, couldn't we have just lied? These were all worthy questions, but ones I have never successfully come up with answers to.

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