Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Streets of London

Since everyone loves looking at other people's vacation photos, here's a few from London. I could have sworn there were more, and I also thought mine were better than they came out. I thought I was photojournalismin' all over the place.

Believe it or not, this is how most people get around in England. It costs a bit more than a cab, but it's totally worth it.

Henry VIII used this golden Tommy Gun when he teamed up with Al Capone and Admiral Nelson in World War 1. I think. There was a lot of history being thrown around.

This is from the British Museum, all full of awesomeness. I wanted to live there.

This is British people's idea of a chicken quesadilla. It is made with vegetable soup.

Step One: Find picture of pretty lady on the internet. Step Two: Find picture of self. Cut and paste over stock photo of Big Ben. Convince people you really went to London. Step Three: Profit.

This is a bank that got all smashed up. It also features one of Jackson Pollock's only murals.

If that girl would get out of the way, I could have an awesome album cover.

We figured we should get a photo in one of these little red phone booths. We didn't know they'd smell like a port-a-potty at the state fair. Taken right before gagging.


Where the King goes to church.

Aw, look, dedicated to animals in war. What's that say? "They had no choice." Geez, thanks for bumming me out, statue.


While they fall behind in Mexican food technology, the Brits are amazingly good at stocking rooms full of awesomeness.

Aftermath of riots on a statue of ...I dunno, Hercules? On the other side it says "punk's not dead." I'd like to apologize to the country of England, my parents and the rest of the world in general for being a punk rocker.

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Linda Tate said...

I love the British Museum too. There are a million treasures, it doesn't matter how many times you go there, you always find something new.