Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reading Is FUNdamental

Sure, I could try to dredge up some story from my past in the hopes of either getting some laffs or connecting emotionally with you. Possibly you've been through the same experiences, felt the same emotions and we can relate on a deeper level. That would be magical.

But it's a lot easier to show some pictures of other people's work and make fun of them. These are all real books I've come across the last week or so at work. Stop by and check them out!

It's what Dom would have wanted.

This book is over 200 pages long. I think I could cover the topic in less than half that.

Who knew Grady from "Sandford and Son" had a starring role in such a sexy book? Good for him! *

I jokingly call several of my close female friends crazy cat ladies. After seeing this book, I no longer feel they qualify.

* Actually, this whole story was an excuse to run more photos of "Sanford and Son" cast members, since "Aunt Esther Sanford and Son" remains the site's highest search term. So here's a picture of Grady.