Monday, March 10, 2008

Gainesville Commercial Help

While pulling weeds in the backyard yesterday, I had a commercial stuck in my head on repeat. I haven't had occasion to recall this commercial in years, and I actually managed to stump Google with it. It used to run in Gainesville on Fox, one of the 3 channels I got (the other 2 being PBS and The Box, where you'd vote on the videos that played; "Pop That Coochie" had something like a 3 month winning streak that year).

So there's this guy walking through a parking lot full of mobile homes. He's giving out prices and whatnot and telling you how awesome his lot is. At the end of the commercial he looks straight into the camera and points. Then, in a tone I'm remembering as a little more angry than determined, says, "I still wanna sell you a mobile home." Some of you might remember it as the ending of the Radon song "Chinese Rednecks," and it is entirely possible that I'm basing my memory of the guy's phrasing from Brent's version.

I'm also picturing the guy as looking sort of like an evil Kenny Rogers, which might not be right at all, but it makes me happy.


Alonzo Mosley (FBI) said...

I don't recall that one. Must have not aired up in Jacksonville.

I remember two frightening auto commercials from my childhood. One had the dealer dressed up as a chicken (he shows up in current commercials dressed normally with his REALLY enthusiastic daughter). The other had an old woman who yelled "Don't you BUUUUUY no UGLY TRUCK!" like someone sitting on her porch with a shotgun.

bryan said...

I always get the old Murray Hill Motors commercial stuck in my head. The song went, "Murray Hill Motors, used cars for less. Selection and value, we pass the test." then a booming redneck voice says, "NO TURNDOWNS" it then shows a dude bringing in his brahma bull and leaving in an old crown vic or something. Now that I live in Murray Hill it is in my head all the time.

scott said...

"Don't you BUUUUUY no UGLY TRUCK!"

Hey, I remember that one! Now I'm gonna have Granny battling it out with Evil Kenny Rogers in my battle of the home-made commerical titans.

Bryan Delano III said...

I still wanna sell you a punk rock record!